Every now and again, in my grand exploration to explain what I learned from 50 fuckoffs, a fuck off stops me in my tracks and makes me rethink fuckwhitism, sexism, ageism and the toughest ism of them all – racism. This was one of those Fuckoffs.

Racial tensions are high in the country and indeed the world, so I find myself at times cautious to tell certain groups to ‘fuck off.’ Then I resent that I discriminate. Then I rebel that I have to be so ‘politically correct.’ Then I proceed cautiously.

This person (too scared to say man or guy for in case I slight someone’s sexual identity) clearly identifies with being brack. I erred on the side of ‘political correctness’ and did not tell the ‘person’ to fuck off outright, as I normally would. I explained that I don’t engage with people privately on my inbox and to please engage on my public page.

The brack man persisted. Can I tell a brack man to fuck off? Would that be considered racist? Then I thought it would be MORE racist to NOT tell a brack man to fuck off, because that would assume that I thought a brack man cannot handle being told to fuck off as well as any other group. (Much like many BEE programmes are racist/discriminatory because it assumes the person is not excellent and competent in themselves and need to be given a handup to count.)

So I told him to fuck off. I am an equal opportunity fuckoffist.

I do not care if you are brack, whrite, prink or prurple.