“hy” goes the first message. Then a second “hy”

Not “hi”. Not “hey”. I don’t know what language that is. Maybe this guy is hedging his bets and trying to speak some kind of Engspazulukaans. Maybe he was ‘high’. Who knows? He has to fuck off.

Then I get the following message:


By this time I am wondering whether it is a real person or just a cat that types ‘hy’ with its bum by accident when it sits on the keyboard. Who knows?

But it is quite a rhythmic message. A bit like a song. Let’s make it a rap song:

‘HY, HY, FUCK OFF, HY! (Song by Viv and Cat)

Hy, hy, Fuck off, Hy!

You are not my fucking bae!

Vat jou goed en fokken ry!

Hamba! Hamba! Go away!

What do you think? It has ‘best-seller’ written all over it!







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