i AM watching my language


Really? What am I? In kindergarten? Let’s look at your language, dingbat. Let us look at the earlier message. Patronising, patriarchal and fuckwitty.

Version 2

Hmmm, I will ‘love’ to know you. Really, you use the word ‘love’ like a swear word. Patronising, dishonest, ridiculous.

Next, I have to conform to your standards of ‘beautiful’ and ‘sincere’. (Never mind that my profile picture at the time looked like Daisy de Melker)

Really? What you are trying to do here is make me feel inferior, so I will live up to your expectations. Sorry for you.

Your language is dirty, sir.


My language, on the other hand is truthful and pure. “Fuck off.” I am honest. And the words ‘fuck off’ are kind. They are saving you time and money that you could have spent on other prey.

But instead of saying ‘thank you’ for my kindness, you act the victim. Shampies.

So please, pretty please – Fuck off.





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