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Shame, and I was this guy’s only Facebook friend.

After this, I decided that engaging in a conversation defeated the object and after that did not engage further than a few words, never to be drawn in again.

Fuck off is the end of a conversation, not the beginning.

(Lesson: For my international audience, ‘poes’ is a derogatory Afrikaans word, similar to ‘cunt’ in English. It is probably of a sexist and mysogynistic heritage highest insult you can give someone is to call them a female body part and rather unfortunate, because cut is cool and poes is awesome. And it is a lovely word to say. Like fuck off.)




2 thoughts on “THE FIRST FUCK OFF

  1. loved the post look forward to more, it fun to read about the various ways “M’lady”, fedora wearing dipshits get told firmly to fuck off


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